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Clatterbridge Cancer Centre




Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust




Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is renowned for its progressive approach to the production and enhancement of leading-edge therapies and specialist care.

The complete refurbishment of The Mersey Ward, at their site located in the heart of Bebington has provided 5 multi-bed wards and 8 single-bed wards each with a dedicated en-suite, containing the most up-to-date 'wave on, wave off' sanitary ware technology.

The Mersey Ward is predominantly used to care for patients currently receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. With functioning wards directly below and adjacent to the proposed refurbishment it was critical to ensure that the works did not impact on the quality of the treatments that patients were due to receive.

"We were impressed with Armitage's professionalism and their desire to ensure that the project was delivered on time and to a high standard of finish. Both criteria were met with the standard of finish quite exemplary for the nature of the works. A good project always depends on full team co-operation and this is clearly evidenced in the final finished project."

Narciso Simioni
IBI Taylor Young
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